You can register at anytime for our year-round classes.

Our monthly rates (+ GST) are as follows:


TIGERS (ages 3 – 4):   First month $175 includes uniform. After that, $100/month.

TAEKWONDO – Children (ages 5 – 12) | Teens/Adults (ages 13 and up):   First month $195 includes uniform. After that, $150/month.

*For Kids Taekwondo: 2 classes per week — Mon/Weds or Tues/Thurs. Missed make up classes are optional within the week on the other days you are not registered.


TAEKWONDO and BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU program together: $175/month.

*Uniforms required for both programs. 

TKD uniform: $60 – $75. BJJ uniform: $85.

YOGA (Tues/Thurs)– Adult Program: $110/month.

FITNESS KICKBOXING (Tues/Thurs)- Adult Program: $110/month.

PERSONAL TRAINING with Certified BCRPA Trainer: $80/hour. 

10 session passes $750. Expires in 2 months. 

WELLNESS PROGRAM – Adult Program: combination of unlimited Fitness Kickboxing classes, and Yoga classes. $150/month.

10 class passes $175. Expires in 2 months. *only available for Fitness Kickboxing and Yoga. 

Taekwondo Promotion Test Fee not included with monthly membership. See below.


Our payment plan is set up as monthly automatic renewal system with credit card. No joining fee or penalty fee for cancellation. However, we require a minimum two weeks “Notice to Quit” that must be submitted via email or text for the automatic monthly membership to stop.

Stop by during open hours (anytime classes are running or even just 15 mins before the class you would like to attend), give us a call, or send us an email if you’d prefer. Here’s our contact information.

Taekwondo Promotion Test Fees:
  • $40 – Yellow Stripe / Yellow
  • $50 – Green Stripe / Green
  • $60 – Blue Stripe / Blue
  • $70 – Red Stripe / Red
  • $80 – Black Stripes
  • $175 – Black Belt
  • $425 – First Dan
  • $525 – Second Dan
Our Dan Certificates are internationally recognized under BC Taekwondo and World Taekwondo Federation
A few things to note:
  • To keep clean and safe, we can only allow our students into our facility.
  • The lobby and washrooms are currently only available for use by students taking a class. 
  • The viewing area is closed at all times except during Promotion Test day when it is open to students’ parents and guardians.
  • Please do not drop off your child earlier than 5 minutes before class time and pick them up promptly when class ends.
  • We thank you for your continued support and appreciate your understanding.